Welcome to my massage and yoga studio

Partner with Song for an authentic Thai Massage experience without having to travel to Thailand. Get your body and soul in tune with Song!

Song Sutthimaitree has been practicing traditional Thai Massage since 2008. Before leaving her native Thailand for the United States, she studied with a traditional Thai doctor, and after arriving in the USA, she continued her studies at the Thai Institute of Healing in Virginia, sister institute to the Chiang Mai Old Medicine Hospital in Thailand. Besides classes in California and Virginia, her education continues, and in 2014, she completed additional training in Thailand to become certified in Tok-Sen and Traditional Thai Herbal Massage.

In addition to Thai Massage, Song teaches yoga locally, and meditates regularly. She developed her meditation practice after years of study with a Thai monk, which in turn led her to yoga. She believes that all of these ancient healing modalities share many common attributes to help one obtain more flexibility, muscle relaxation, strengthened immunity and ultimately, serenity.

Song considers this work to be her spiritual practice, incorporating the Buddhist principles of mindful breathing and kind compassion for both therapist and client. She integrates each of these modalities into a unique healing practice based on her culture’s rich tradition of bodywork and movement.